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DetecTrend is a consulting project for GoGuardian to predict popular YouTube videos.

SellinMay is a report examining the "Sell in May and Go Away" stock market timing strategy based on historical data.

senateMap uses interactive svg files to visualize Senate data.

mortgageMap uses interactive svg files to visualize mortgage data by county.

PlayazClub is a virtual tour of the shortest path connecting locations mentioned in Rappin' 4-Tay's 1994 hit.

RetirementSaving presents a simple and conservative way to calculate the working time required to retire.

PyResampling contains some scripts for resampling statistics in Python.

ABTesting is a jupyter notebook demonstrating a basic power analysis for A/B tests.

Simpson is a jupyter notebook demonstrating Simpson's Paradox.

SFBayReliefModel describes using a laser cutter to create a relief map of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Ebb is a repo for creating a simple tide chart using a Raspberry Pi and an E-Ink display.

python-string-sql is an extension for VS code that adds syntax highlighting to multiline strings in python files.


flyHolder describes how to fabricate stages for simultaneously recording neural activity and behavioral data in fruit flies.

flyBridge describes how to fabricate rigs for attaching flies to flyHolders.

ThorViewer is a lightweight Python GUI for visualizing imaging and analog voltage data acquired using ThorImage and ThorSync software.

rowAlign fixes row offsets in data acquired using two-way scanning microscopes.


FigureFirst is a layout-first approach to designing figures.


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